• Brain tumour;
  • epilepsy;
  • language;
  • memory function


Case report: A 7-y-old, right-handed girl presented at our clinic with complex partial seizures, behavioural problems and word-finding difficulties. Clinical examination was normal, but electroencephalogram revealed bilateral epileptic discharges in the temporal and paracentral leads. Magnetic resonance imaging showed an intracerebral mass in the left mesial temporal lobe in the areas of the gyrus temporooccipitalis medialis and gyrus parahippocampalis. Neuropsychological testing brought to light an above-average general intelligence, but the girl performed below average in verbal memory tests and average in figural memory tests. Results: The tumour was completely removed by surgery. Neuropsychological testing 3 and 11 wk after tumour resection demonstrated above-average verbal learning and memory abilities and improved visual memory. The emotional disturbances, seizures and electroencephalogram abnormalities disappeared completely during the postoperative follow-up.

Conclusion: After resection of a left temporal brain tumour, the patient was free of seizures, and neuropsychological functions recovered completely within weeks.