• drug trend monitoring;
  • ecstasy;
  • internet;
  • party drugs;
  • web


Since the 1990s there has been a rise in both the prevalence of party drug use in Australia and the use of party drug-related websites. This study investigates whether it is feasible to recruit and survey party drug users via the internet. It took place in Victoria, Australia. Participants were directed to a website where they completed a brief, structured internet-based survey. A total of 460 responses were received over 31 days, 393 of which fitted all inclusion criteria. The sample consisted predominately of young, male polydrug users and is one of the largest samples of party drug users in Australia reported thus far. It was concluded that it is feasible to recruit and survey current party drug users via the internet and that this method is quicker and cheaper than traditional survey methods, although samples are not necessarily representative of the party drug-using population. Other limitations and advantages are discussed.