Thoracoscopic T2-sympathetic block by clipping—a better and reversible operation for treatment of hyperhidrosis palmaris: experience with 326 cases


  • Chien-Chih Lin,

  • Lein-Ray Mo,

  • Lim-Sim Lee,

  • Seok-Mun Ng,

  • Ming-Huo Hwang


Although thoracoscopic sympathectomy or sympathicotomy is the best treatment for hyperhidrosis palmaris, a new approach of clipping only without transection of T2-sympathetic trunk is just as effective. Aside from the guaranteed cure of hyperhidrosis, this new method has fewer complications and has the advantage of recovery of the sympathetic tone in the hands if the procedure is reversed by the removal of the clips. Between March 18 and September 30 of 1996, 326 patients (190 female and 136 male with a mean age of 20.5 years) underwent thoracoscopic T2-sympathetic block by clipping to treat hyperhidrosis. Good results and few complications were noted during follow up six months to one year postoperatively. Five of the 326 patients, all female, had the operation reversed because of intolerable compensatory sweating. Three recovered from the compensatory sweating within two months and had less palmar sweating than before their sympathetic block; the fourth achieved relief of compensatory sweating after nine months, and the fifth reported no improvement. Copyright © 1998 Taylor and Francis Ltd.