Program Proficiency in Training Graduate Students for Clinical Faculty Careers: Does Program Size Matter?



Hunt suggests that our published analysis of program proficiency in training graduate students for clinical psychology faculty careers is “worse than useless,” inasmuch as it utilizes as its principal measure the total number (rather than the percentage) of each program's graduates which have attained training faculty status— an approach that, according to Hunt, “systematically underrates small programs.” In reply, we note that (a) our analysis was not intended as an overall rating of program strength, but rather as an indication of program achievement in a narrowly specified domain, (b) the utilized total number metric has considerable specific informative utility, and (c) additional analyses based upon Hunt's preferred percentage metric do not support the claim that our previously published report systematically underrated small programs. Because it may be of interest to prospective students (and others), a rank-ordered listing of programs which have placed at least 5% of recent Ph.D. recipients in clinical faculty positions is provided.