embr324-sup-0001.gifapplication/gif499KSupplementary Data

Supplementary Video 1

Comparison of filopodia formation in a precursor (marked flox/flox) and a N-WASP-defective cells (del/del) upon microinjection of a mixture of L61Cdc42, N17Rac and C3-transferase (c3). The movie represents a time period of 32 min and microinjections were performed ∼2 min after start of the recording. The time period after injection is indicated. Note the dramatic induction of numerous filopodia in both cells. Bar represents 5 mm.


Supplementary Video 2

Reconstitution of Shigella-motility in N-WASP defective fibroblasts by ectopically expressed GFP-tagged full-length N-WASP (left) or H208D mutant (right). In both cases, motility is visualized by fluorescence of the respective fusion proteins localizing to the poles of bacteria. The video represents a time period of 23 min. Bar corresponds to 5 mm.

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