• eIF3;
  • initiation;
  • ribosome;
  • translation;
  • yeast

Yeast translation initiation factor 3 contains five core subunits (known as TIF32, PRT1, NIP1, TIF34 and TIF35) and a less tightly associated component known as HCR1. We found that a stable subcomplex of His8-PRT1, NIP1 and TIF32 (PN2 subcomplex) could be affinity purified from a strain overexpressing these eIF3 subunits. eIF5, eIF1 and HCR1 co-purified with this subcomplex, but not with distinct His8-PRT1–TIF34–TIF35 (P45) or His8-PRT1–TIF32 (P2) sub complexes. His8-PRT1 and NIP1 did not form a stable binary subcomplex. These results provide in vivo evidence that TIF32 bridges PRT1 and NIP1, and that eIFs 1 and 5 bind to NIP1, in native eIF3. Heat-treated prt1-1 extracts are defective for Met-tRNAiMet binding to 40S subunits, and we also observed defective 40S binding of mRNA, eIFs 1 and 5 and eIF3 itself in these extracts. We could rescue 40S binding of Met- tRNAiMet and mRNA, and translation of luciferase mRNA, in a prt1-1 extract almost as well with purified PN2 subcomplex as with five-subunit eIF3, whereas the P45 subcomplex was nearly inactive. Thus, several key functions of eIF3 can be carried out by the PRT1–TIF32–NIP1 subcomplex.