Twelve patients managed with supracricoid partial laryngectomies(SCPLs) after failed laryngeal radiation therapy (RT) were evaluated. None of the recurrent tumors were amenable to vertical or horizontal partial laryngectomy. Results were analyzed for tracheostomy decannulation, oral alimentation, morbidity, local control, and survival. Major complications included perichondritis (2 patients), laryngeal stenosis (2 patients), and pneumonia from aspiration (1 patient). Mucocutaneous fistula and cricoarytenoid joint ankylosis were not encountered. Margins of resection were uninvolved in all cases. The Kaplan-Meier 3-year actuarial survival and local control estimate was 83.3%. Salvage total laryngectomy allowed for an overall 100% local control rate and a 75% laryngeal preservation rate.

This preliminary report suggests that, in patients with failed laryngeal RT not amenable to vertical or horizontal partial laryngectomy, the SCPL procedures should be discussed before advocating salvage total laryngectomy. Further series analyzing the role and limitations of the various SCPL procedures after failed laryngeal RT are warranted.