• Craniofacial resection;
  • Facial resection;
  • Rehabilitation


Surgery of benign and malignant disease of the nose and sinuses can result in disfigurement and disability. Many patients have speech, mastication, and swallowing problems, anosmia, and pain. If the orbit is retained, visual loss, dystopia, diplopia, and epiphora can occur.

This study reviews the senior author's experience with 34 patients over the last 18 years. Group and case analyses demonstrate that in patients with cancer, the eye can be preserved if one anatomical boundary is retained beyond a negative frozen section margin. Dystopia can be prevented by reconstruction of the floor with skin and fascial grafts or flaps. Epiphora can be reduced by repair of the medial canthus and dacryocystorhinostomy. Evidence is presented for prosthetic management of speech and swallowing and restoration of cheek contour. Case examples are used to illustrate the surgical techniques.