Previous studies have shown that levels of binding for the strychnine-sensitive glycine receptor in the cochlear nucleus (CN) of Fischer(F344) rats decrease with age. Given the major role glycine plays in normal CN function, changes in glycine-receptor activity may contribute to central presbycusis. To further evaluate the impact of age on glycine receptors, in situ hybridization was used to assess, in three age groups of F344 rats, changes in levels of gene expression for four of its subunits. When compared with the 3-month-old rats, expression of mRNAs for α1 and β subunits in the anteroventral CN decreased significantly in the 18- and 27-month-old age groups, while mRNA expression for the α2 subunit increased. If protein expressions are similar, these subunit changes may alter the function of glycine receptors, thereby affecting binding to its ligands.