Surgical removal of the soft palate in cases of neoplastic disease has a functionally detrimental effect on the patient, resulting in rhinolalia and nasal regurgitation. The authors describe their original surgical technique for repairing the lateral soft palate defect using a uvulopalatal flap. The flap is readily available and the procedure is single staged and without sequela. The aim of this reconstructive procedure is to obtain a diminished soft palate defect by primary surgery. In five patients who underwent a partial excision of the soft palate, the surgical defect was corrected at the time of initial surgery by a uvulopalatal flap. In this technique, the surface of the defect was diminished, postoperative rhinolalia and regurgitation were unremarkable, and sometimes an obturator was obviated. Using a local myomucosal flap, the procedure is simple, safe, and effective.