Technical Refinements and Precautions During Ionomeric Cement Reconstruction of Incus Erosion During Revision Stapedectomy


  • Douglas A. Chen MD,

    Corresponding author
    1. Pittsburgh Ear Associates–Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    • Douglas A. Chen, MD, Pittsburgh Ear Associates–Allegheny General Hospital, 420 East North Avenue, Suite 402, Pittsburgh, PA l5212, U.S.A.
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  • Moisés A. Arriaga MD

    1. Pittsburgh Ear Associates–Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
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Objective The study describes the technical precautions and short-term hearing results of fast-setting ionomeric cement (SerenoCem) for managing incus erosion in revision stapedectomy.

Study Design Observational and retrospective chart review.

Methods Consecutive patients undergoing ionomeric cement incus reconstruction during revision stapedectomy had surgery on an ambulatory basis in a tertiary care referral center. Main outcome measures included technical details, precautions, and recommendations for handling this new material and 6-week hearing outcomes comparing preoperative and postoperative air-conduction and bone-conduction thresholds.

Results A small amount of ionomeric cement on the tip of otological picks applied to the incus remnant successfully reconstitutes the original length of the long process of the incus. In revision stapedectomy, a crimp-on prosthesis may be placed on the cement-lengthened incus. Six-week postoperative audiograms demonstrated significant closure of the air–bone gap in operated cases. Our experience in a failed case leads us to recommend that the setting time for the cement be increased to no less than 20 minutes as opposed to the manufacturer's recommendation of 10 minutes. Also, revision stapedectomy was more likely to be successful when the prosthesis was placed to the incus remnant and stabilized with cement, rather than placing the prosthesis on the cement itself.

Conclusions Ionomeric cement permits direct reconstruction of a pathologically shortened incus in revision stapedectomy. Surgeons must be aware of precaution and limitations of this new material. Preliminary results indicate significant hearing improvement with this technique when appropriate precautions are taken.