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Infliximab treatment for Crohn's disease: One-year experience in a Dutch Academic Hospital



The aim of this study was to report the 1-year clinical experience with infliximab treatment for Crohn's disease (CD) in the Netherlands. All 73 CD patients receiving infliximab infusions were prospectively followed during 1 year after the drugs' registration in the Netherlands. Clinical response and adverse events were assessed for both active luminal disease as well as fistulous disease. A total of 212 infusions were administered to 57 patients with active luminal CD and 16 patients with fistulous CD. The mean duration between infusions was 60 days. In 17% of patients, adverse events were recorded, of which one was serious. The response rate was 81% in active luminal CD and 87% in fistulous disease. Response rates were highest in patients receiving concomitant methotrexate as maintenance therapy. Steroids could successfully be tapered off in 73% of responding luminal CD patients and 100% of responding CD patients with fistulae. Eleven patients showed a loss of response to continuous infliximab readministration. Our clinical experience with infliximab for active luminal and fistulous CD showed that the administration is safe, effective, and has high steroid-sparing efficacy. Higher response rates were seen with methotrexate as concomitant medication.