Collagen Fiber and Versican Distribution Within the Lamina Propria of Fetal Vocal Folds


  • This work was supported by FAPESP (São Paulo State Research Agency) and Central Hospital–University of São Paulo School of Medicine.


Objectives: To analyze the presence and distribution of collagen fibers and versican in human vocal fold lamina propria of fetal larynges.

Study Design: Cross sectional analysis of cadaveric vocal folds of human fetuses.

Methods: Seven fetal larynges obtained from 28- to 36-week-old fetuses were analyzed with the Picrosirius-polarization method, immunohistochemistry, and image analysis.

Results: Collagen fibers within the lamina propria exhibited a monolaminar distribution pattern and spatial arrangement in “wicker basket.” Versican distribution was larger in the superficial and intermediate layers when compared to the deep layer.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that collagen and versican distribution and arrangement within the lamina propria in the developing fetus are important for vocalization at birth.