Modified Nasal Specula and Flexible Holder for Endoscopic Nasal Surgery


  • Editor's Note: This Manuscript was accepted for publication February 11, 2008.


The use of an endoscope in nasal surgery has now extended to surgery on the nasal septum as well as to sinus surgery. We devised the use of the modified nasal specula with Yasargil's flexible holder to resolve the technical problems in using an endoscope for septal surgery. One nasal speculum has two plates for connecting to the Yasargil's flexible holder. This speculum allows the surgeon to use both hands freely and also functions as a guide for stabilizing an endoscope. Another nasal speculum has two long adjustable wings. This speculum can widen the working space between the cartilage or bone of the nasal septum and detached mucosa. Our modified nasal specula are readily applicable to resolve the problems such as unstable endoscope and narrow working space in septal surgery under endoscopic view.