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Relationship Between Rhinitis Duration and Response to Nasal Decongestion Test


  • Editor's Note: This Manuscript was accepted for publication February 28, 2008.


Objectives/Hypothesis: Nasal obstruction depends on allergic inflammation. Decongestion tests evaluate the reversibility of nasal airflow limitation. It has been previously reported that duration of persistent allergic rhinitis (PER) may involve important functional consequences. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the impact of the duration of rhinitis on the response to nasal decongestion test in a cohort of patients with PER.

Methods: A total of 312 patients with moderate-severe PER were prospectively and consecutively evaluated: 234 males and 78 females, mean age 23.6 years. A detailed clinical history was taken and complete physical examination, nasal endoscopy, skin prick test, rhinomanometry, and nasal decongestion test were performed for all patients.

Results: A strong inverse correlation was observed (Pearson's r = −0.81) between rhinitis duration (years) and posttest percentage change of nasal airflow values.

Conclusions: The duration of PER may induce a progressive impairment of the response to nasal decongestion test.

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