Chapter 5.3 X-ray diffraction methods: single crystal

Mathematical, physical and chemical tables

First Online Edition (2006)

Part 5. Determination of lattice parameters

  1. E. Gałdecka

Published Online: 1 JAN 2006

DOI: 10.1107/97809553602060000597

International Tables for Crystallography

International Tables for Crystallography

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Gałdecka, E. 2006. X-ray diffraction methods: single crystal. International Tables for Crystallography. C:5:5.3:505–536.

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  1. Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, PO Box 937, 50-950 Wrocław 2, Poland

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  1. Published Online: 1 JAN 2006


Lattice-parameter determination using X-ray diffraction methods on single crystals is reviewed. All the methods are classified with respect to the measurement technique, in particular into photographic and counter-diffractometer techniques. The methods are described in approximately chronological sequence, i.e. from the earliest and simplest rotating-crystal method to the latest non-dispersive techniques, and at the same time from those of poor accuracy and precision to those attaining the highest precision and/or accuracy. In each of the methods realizing a given technique, first the absolute and then the relative method are described.


  • cameras;
  • divergent-beam techniques;
  • Kossel method;
  • lattice-parameter changes;
  • lattice-parameter determination;
  • photographic methods;
  • single-crystal X-ray techniques;
  • single-crystal methods;
  • systematic errors;
  • X-ray beam