• Scherrer formula;
  • grazing-incidence small-angle scattering (GISAXS);
  • grazing-incidence wide-angle scattering (GIWAXS);
  • thin films;
  • soft materials

Ever since its formulation, the Scherrer formula has been the workhorse for quantifying finite size effects in X-ray scattering. Various aspects of Scherrer-type grain-size analysis are discussed with regard to the characterization of thin films with grazing-incidence scattering methods utilizing area detectors. After a brief review of the basic features of Scherrer analysis, a description of resolution-limiting factors in grazing-incidence scattering geometry is provided. As an application, the CHESS D1 beamline is characterized for typical scattering modes covering length scales from the molecular scale to the nanoscale.