• electron paramagnetic resonance;
  • g factors;
  • tetrahedral clusters;
  • charge-transfer excited states;
  • ligands;
  • impurities;
  • crystal fields

The electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) g-factor formulas are constructed for ZnSe:Ti2+, CdTe:Ti2+ and ZnSe:V3+ crystals based on the contributions of the charge-transfer levels and the spin-orbit coupling effect of the central ion and the ligands. The EPR g factors are calculated from these formulas, and the calculated values agree well with the experimental ones. The contribution rates of the charge-transfer levels are 10.1, 7.6 and 24.9% for ZnSe:Ti2+, CdTe:Ti2+ and ZnSe:V3+ crystals, respectively. The g factors obtained from the one-spin-orbit-parameter model are also given for comparison.