• SrLaGaO4;
  • crystallographic defects;
  • X-ray diffraction topography;
  • diffraction contrast

Defects in the core of SrLaGaO4 single crystals, grown by the Czochralski method using a [001]-oriented seed, were studied by transmission X-ray diffraction projection topography. Topographs were taken with radiation from a laboratory source and with high-energy radiation available at the ESRF beamline ID19 in Grenoble. The contrast of the investigated defect images was analysed for various diffraction vectors g and for various values of the product μ0t0 is the linear absorption coefficient and t the crystal thickness). This allowed the contrast formation to be studied as a function of absorption. The results of the analysis confirm the model of crystal lattice deformation around rod-like volume defects in SrLaGaO4 crystals.