• bent crystals;
  • diffraction efficiency;
  • optical elements;
  • hard X-ray focusing

Diffraction profiles of curved Si and GaAs crystals obtained by a controlled damage process on one side of planar crystals have been investigated at X-ray energies E = 17, 59 and 120 keV. At E = 17 and 59 keV in the condition of slight curvature, that is when the diffracting plane bending over the extinction length is lower than the Darwin width, the Laue diffraction profiles with lattice planes parallel or inclined with respect to the curvature radius R show an enhancement of integrated intensity proportional to 1/R, much larger than in the corresponding perfect bent crystals. At E = 120 keV, in the condition of strong curvature, the crystals behave as bent perfect crystals with integrated intensity corresponding to that of a mosaic crystal. These crystals are proposed as optical elements for focusing hard X-ray beams.