In the polymeric title compound, [CuI(C10H8N4)]n, the CuI atom is in a four-coordinated tetrahedral geometry, formed by two I atoms and two pyridine N atoms from two different 4,4′-(diazenediyl)dipyridine (4,4′-azpy) ligands. Two μ2-I atoms link two CuI atoms to form a planar rhomboid [Cu2I2] cluster located on an inversion centre, where the distance between two CuI atoms is 2.7781 (15) Å and the Cu—I bond lengths are 2.6290 (13) and 2.7495 (15) Å. The bridging 4,4′-azpy ligands connect the [Cu2I2] clusters into a two-dimensional (2-D) double-layered grid-like network [parallel to the (10inline image) plane], with a (4,4)-connected topology. Two 2-D grid-like networks interweave each other by long 4,4′-azpy bridging ligands to form a dense 2-D double-layered network. To the best of our knowledge, this interwoven 2-D[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]2-D network is observed for the first time in [Cu2I2]–organic compounds.