Crystals of KAlSiO4-O1 (potassium aluminium silicate) were synthesized using a flux method and analysed utilizing single-crystal X-ray diffraction and electron microprobe analysis. Both methods confirm that the crystals are nonstoichiometric according to K1−xAl1−xSi1+xO4 with x = 0.04 (1). KAlSiO4-O1 is closely related to the stuffed derivatives of tridymite, although the topology of the Si/Al-ordered framework is different. Six-membered rings of UUDDUD and UUUDDD (U = up and D = down; ratio 2:1) configurations are present in layers parallel to the ab plane. In contrast, the framework of tridymite exhibits UDUDUD rings. The crystals are affected by inversion, pseudo-orthorhombic and pseudo-hexagonal twinning.