• high-resolution powder diffraction;
  • multicrystal analyser detectors;
  • synchrotron;
  • error budget;
  • Rowland circle;
  • Johansson monochromator

A concept is given for describing multicrystal analyser detectors (MADs), as they are in use for synchrotron powder diffraction, on the basis of the Rowland circle construction. The Rowland circle is typically used to describe focusing geometries and can be adapted for the case of MADs working at a single energy as well as in a limited energy range. With this construction it is also possible to quantify and optimize the walk of the beam along non-central crystals which is inevitable in certain detector designs. The results of this geometrical inspection are correlated with a real detector design that is implemented at the ALBA synchrotron facility in Spain. An error budget is given to estimate the influence and amount of tolerance of the manufacturing process.