• X-ray absorption;
  • spray deposition;
  • solute signal;
  • aerosol

Spray deposition of thin films and coatings is a widely used manufacturing process owing to its low cost, versatility and simple implementation. The objective of the presented experiments was to investigate whether X-ray absorption measurements on solutes carried by aerosols are possible, and what count rates can be achieved depending on solution flow through and the resulting mass density in the interrogation volume. The investigated prototypical spray aerosol was InCl3 dissolved in water or ethanol dispersed via an ultrasonic nebulizer. InCl3 spray is essential for the ion layer gas reaction process used for the deposition of In2S3 buffer layers for highly efficient chalcopyrite solar cells. The discussed experiments demonstrate that measurements are possible, but that the achievement of good signal-to-noise ratios requires extended sampling times and concentrated solutions.