• beamline;
  • X-ray diffraction;
  • optics;
  • monochromator;
  • diffractometer

The new third-generation synchrotron radiation source PETRA III located at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg, Germany, has been operational since the second half of 2009. PETRA III is designed to deliver hard X-ray beams with very high brilliance. As one of the first beamlines of PETRA III the high-resolution diffraction beamline P08 is fully operational. P08 is specialized in X-ray scattering and diffraction experiments on solids and liquids where extreme high resolution in reciprocal space is required. The resolving power results in the high-quality PETRA III beam and unique optical elements such as a large-offset monochromator and beryllium lens changers. A high-precision six-circle diffractometer for solid samples and a specially designed liquid diffractometer are installed in the experimental hutch. Regular users have been accepted since summer 2010.