• X-ray scattering;
  • grazing incidence;
  • coherence;
  • beamline;
  • high resolution

As an increasingly important structural-characterization technique, grazing-incidence X-ray scattering (GIXS) has found wide applications for in situ and real-time studies of nanostructures and nanocomposites at surfaces and interfaces. A dedicated beamline has been designed, constructed and optimized at beamline 8-ID-E at the Advanced Photon Source for high-resolution and coherent GIXS experiments. The effectiveness and applicability of the beamline and the scattering techniques have been demonstrated by a host of experiments including reflectivity, grazing-incidence static and kinetic scattering, and coherent surface X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy. The applicable systems that can be studied at 8-ID-E include liquid surfaces and nanostructured thin films.