• X-ray spectroscopy;
  • high pressure;
  • glitch;
  • nano-polycrystalline diamond;
  • diamond anvil cell

Nano-polycrystalline diamond (NPD) [Irifune et al. (2003), Nature (London), 421, 599] has been used to obtain a glitch-free X-ray absorption spectrum under high pressure. In the case of conventional single-crystal diamond (SCD) anvils, glitches owing to Bragg diffraction from the anvils are superimposed on X-ray absorption spectra. The glitch has long been a serious problem for high-pressure research activities using X-ray spectroscopy because of the difficulties of its complete removal. It is demonstrated that NPD is one of the best candidate materials to overcome this problem. Here a glitch-free absorption spectrum using the NPD anvils over a wide energy range is shown. The advantage and capability of NPD anvils is discussed by a comparison of the glitch map with that of SCD anvils.