• synchrotron radiation micro-computed tomography;
  • local tomography;
  • statistical iterative reconstruction;
  • high resolution

Synchrotron radiation (SR) X-ray micro-computed tomography (CT) is an effective imaging modality for high-resolution investigation of small objects, with several applications in medicine, biology and industry. However, the limited size of the detector field of view (FOV) restricts the sample dimensions to only a few millimeters. When the sample size is larger than the FOV, images reconstructed using conventional methods suffer from DC-shift and low-frequency artifacts. This classical problem is known as the local tomography or the interior problem. In this paper, a statistical iterative reconstruction method is introduced to eliminate image artifacts resulting from the local tomography. The proposed method, which can be used in several SR imaging applications, enables high-resolution SR imaging with superior image quality compared with conventional methods. Real data obtained from different SR micro-CT applications are used to evaluate the proposed method. Results indicate a noteworthy quality improvement in the image reconstructed from the local tomography measurements.