• pre-edge peak;
  • Ti K-edge;
  • temperature dependence;
  • Ti compounds;
  • absorption intensity invariant point

XANES (X-ray absorption near-edge structure) spectra of the Ti K-edges of ATiO3 (A = Ca and Sr), A2TiO4 (A = Mg and Fe), TiO2 rutile and TiO2 anatase were measured in the temperature range 20–900 K. Ti atoms for all samples were located in TiO6 octahedral sites. The absorption intensity invariant point (AIIP) was found to be between the pre-edge and post-edge. After the AIIP, amplitudes damped due to Debye–Waller factor effects with temperature. Amplitudes in the pre-edge region increased with temperature normally by thermal vibration. Use of the AIIP peak intensity as a standard point enables a quantitative comparison of the intensity of the pre-edge peaks in various titanium compounds over a wide temperature range.