• strain pole figures;
  • ultra-thin films;
  • deformation

X-ray strain pole figures (SPFs) have been captured in situ during biaxial deformation of a gold ultra-thin film (thickness = 40 nm) deposited on a polymer substrate. An area detector was used to extract one line in the reciprocal space while the strained sample was rotated azimuthally step by step to produce the SPF. Such SPFs have been obtained for a textured anisotropic ultra-thin film under controlled non-equibiaxial loading using the SOLEIL synchrotron DIFFABS tensile device. The experimental setup allows the pole figure measurements of {111} and {200} reflections to be performed simultaneously. Interestingly, those two crystallographic directions are related to the two-extreme elastic mechanical behaviour. The full directional lattice strain dependence (SPF) is obtained within 15 min and can be monitored step by step upon loading. This procedure gives an insight into ultra-thin film mechanical response under complex biaxial loading.