• reciprocal space maps;
  • heteroepitaxial films;
  • threading dislocations;
  • GaN;
  • semiconductors;
  • molecular beam epitaxy

The reciprocal space map of a heteroepitaxial single-crystal GaN(0001) film on 6H-SiC(0001) is analyzed. The film contains a high density of threading dislocations which intersect the film parallel to the surface normal. The strain field associated with these dislocations is expected to broaden all reciprocal lattice points to discs perpendicular to the dislocation lines, i.e. parallel to the surface. Experimentally, however, the reflection is observed to be broadened also perpendicular to the surface and is rotated towards the surface normal. Using Monte Carlo simulations, it is shown that both of these features are a natural consequence of the presence of misfit dislocations at the film/substrate interface.