• paddlewheel complex;
  • group 6 metallates;
  • diamondoid structures

Monocationic acetamidate-bridged dinuclear units are two-dimensionally connected by axially coordinating group 6 oxometallate ions in the structures [{M2(acam)4}2(M′O4)] (M = Rh, Ru; M′ = Cr, Mo, W; Hacam = acetamide). In these sheet structures, dinuclear units are connected to each other by NH...O hydrogen bonds. The sheets are also connected with NH...O hydrogen bonds. Amidate-bridged dirhodium units that have bulkier alkyl groups reacted with CrO42− or MoO42− give three-dimensional diamondoid structures [{Rh2(pram)4}2(CrO4)]·1.08H2O, [{Rh2(pram)4}2(MoO4)]·2.44H2O and [{Rh2(buam)4}2(MoO4)] (Hpram = propionamide; Hbuam = butyramide). In these structures the NH group of the amidate ligands hydrogen bonds with O atoms in metallate ions.