What Are the Research Standards for Full Professor of Finance?


  • Raymond P. H. Fishe

    1. Department of Finance, University of Miami
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    • Professor and Chairman, Department of Finance, University of Miami. I would like to thank Christine Curry, Hyo-Young Jung, and Steven Liu for research assistance and Louis De Alessi, Wayne Ferson, Tina Galloway, Andrea Heuson, Michel Robe, Ricardo Rodriguez, Bill Schwert (referee), and René Stulz (editor) for valuable comments. Of course, I am responsible for any errors or omissions.


Based on a sample of 126 recently promoted faculty, different standards for full professor are observed between top 20 finance departments and lower ranked departments. Full professors affiliated with a top 20 department place an average of 1 out of 3 articles in either Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, or Journal of Financial Economics compared to 1 out of 6 articles for professors at lower-ranked schools. Total citations and cites per year are also significantly different between top- and lower-ranked departments, but total articles and articles per year are not significantly different between these two groupings.