Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Rose McDermott, Risk-Taking in International Politics

Yaacov Y. I. Vertzberger, Risk Taking and Decisionmaking: Foreign Military Intervention Decisions

Meredith W. Watts, Xenophobia in United Germany: Generations, Modernization, and Ideology

Tom R. Tyler, Robert J. Boeckman, Heather J. Smith, and Yuen J. Huo, Social Justice in a Diverse Society

Fritz Redlich, Hitler: Diagnosis of a Destructive Prophet

Alexander L. George and Juliette L. George (eds.), Presidential Personality and Performance

Norman N. Nie, Jane Junn, and Kenneth Stehlik-Barry, Education and Democratic Citizenship in America

Arthur Lupia and Mathew D. McCubbins, The Democratic Dilemma: Can Citizens Learn What They Need to Know?