Book Reviews


Alexander A. Schuessler,A Logic of Expressive Choice

Donald L. Horowitz,The Deadly Ethnic Riot

Avery Goldstein,Deterrence and Security in the 21st Century: China, Britain and France, and the Enduring Legacy of the Nuclear Revolution

Daniel W. Shuman and Alexander McCall Smith,Justice and the Prosecution of Old Crimes: Balancing Legal, Psychological, and Moral Concerns

Paul M. Sniderman, Pierangelo Peri, Rui J. P. De Figueiredo Jr., and Thomas Piazza,The Outsider: Prejudice and Politics in Italy

Janie Leatherman, William DeMars, Patrick Gaffney, and Raimo Vayrynen,Breaking Cycles of Violence: Confict Prevention in Intrastate Crises