• atheism;
  • interactionism;
  • materialism;
  • naturalistic theism;
  • neuroscience;
  • panentheism;
  • panexperientialism;
  • prehension;
  • Hilary Putnam;
  • Willard Quine;
  • religious experience;
  • scientific naturalism;
  • sensationism;
  • Alfred North Whitehead

Although attempts to explain religious experience in terms of brain processes usually presuppose the identification of scientific naturalism with the sensationist, atheistic, materialist version of naturalism (naturalismsam), this version is inadequate for science, and human experience more generally, for numerous reasons. An alternative version, based on panexperientialism, panentheism, and a prehensive doctrine of perception (naturalismppp), not only avoids those problems but also allows for religious experience understood as the soul's direct experience of a Holy Reality.