This book is about rock carvings of ships on the Iberian Peninsula, with a few representations on pottery included. The author discusses the symbolic value of the pictures, and their place in the society of the Late Bronze Age. The first part of the book has five chapters. Chapter 1 is on ship pictures related to landscape and society. Chapters II, III and IV treat finds from different parts of Spain—the Straits of Gibraltar, the Atlantic coast and the Balearic Islands. In II some pottery fragments from Portugal are included. In Ch. V the representations are seen in the context of sanctuaries and sites with Atlantic and Mediterranean connotations from the period 1250–750 BC. Then follows a short concluding chapter. The rest of the volume is an illustrated catalogue of ship images.

This catalogue (Appendix 1) gives the location and illustrates and describes the various images, and has a bibliography for each representation. All illustrations are black-and-white; there are a few photos including some striking images based on satellite photography, while the ship representations are mainly line drawings. There is a list of illustrations and an overall bibliography.

The publication is rather plain but well produced. For a Scandinavian archaeologist with limited knowledge of Spanish, the most valuable part of the book is the catalogue. Ships are very often shown in the rock carvings of Denmark, Sweden and Norway which are contemporary, and it is good to have a catalogue of comparative material from a different cultural sphere.

Spanish is an important language spoken by a considerable part of the world's population when we include South America, so it is sad that BAR does not insist on an English summary—even a short one would have added greatly to the number of possible readers and users.