New Year's Greetings


We are happy to inform you that the Journal of Dermatology (JD) is firmly establishing a status in the arena of international dermatology journals. This success has been accomplished mainly by 32 Section Editors on the editorial team. Since their continuous efforts are extraordinary, I would like to express my gratitude to all the Section Editors and the Associate Editor Dr. Takafumi Kadono for their contribution to the successful review process of the JD.

The number of submitted manuscripts continues to grow, as it was 258 in 2008 but increased to more than 800 in 2012. The JD is the official journal of the Japanese Dermatological Association (JDA). Therefore, the JD office is based in Asia, but it provides an important avenue through which the JDA can become more visible to dermatologists over the world. In this context, many papers have recently been submitted not only by domestic dermatologists and skin researchers but also by oversea dermatologists from Asian countries, European countries, and the US. In 2011, 38% of the submitted papers were from Japan, 31% from other Asian countries, and the rest from European countries and the US. As such, the acceptance rate has declined to approximately 30%, but I plan to advance the quality of work in this journal so that we have a great impact as a reliable source of reference.

The current Impact Factor of JD is 1.493 in 2011 (published in 2012), which has been elevated from 0.694 in 2007, 1.175 in 2008, 1.008 in 2009, and 1.355 in 2010. Currently, the JD ranks 29 out of 58 international dermatological journals. Our goal is to bring the Impact Factor rating up to a higher value. To this end, we are keen to accept good papers seemingly contributing to the Impact Factor, but we do not constructively take the self-citation strategy to elevate the Impact Factor.

We have decided to publish more papers of Original Articles to reduce the number of Letter-to-the-Editor. Upon this alteration, we also encourage authors to submit papers with a new format, which is applied to the Concise Communication, a short but substantially long format of 1500 words. We believe that this category is beneficial for authors to report their studies in greater depth than the Letter-to-the-Editor format.

The success of the journal depends on your contribution, so I encourage the qualified dermatologists and skin researchers to submit your excellent works. Your active participation is greatly appreciated.


Yoshiki Tokura, M.D, Ph.D

The Journal of Dermatology