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mim12039-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.jpg1512KFig. S1. (a) The genetic organization of the T3SS island and locations of PCR fragments. The arrows represent the open reading frames according to the NCBI annotation of V. cholerae AM-19226. T3SS-related genes are indicated by light gray arrows. The black boxes above the open reading frames indicate amplicons used to screen for T3SS-related genes (T3SS-1 on A33_1670, T3SS-2 on A33_1684 and T3SS-3 on A33_1697). (b) The PCR-RFLP profiles of the T3SS-related gene regions. Lanes: M, marker (the StyI digest of λ DNA); 1, EM-0921A; 2, EB-0194; 3, EM-0195; 4, EB-0438; 5, EM-0393; 6, EM-0542; 7, EM-0878; 8, EM-0928, 9, DC-98022; 10, EM-077.

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