Three new basidiomycetous yeasts, Pseudozyma alboarmeniaca sp. nov., Pseudozyma crassa sp. nov. and Pseudozyma siamensis sp. nov. isolated from Thai patients



We previously reported the first isolation of Pseudozyma species from the blood of Thai patients. In this study, three additional new Pseudozyma species were isolated from clinical specimens from Thai patients. The Pseudozyma species showed relatively low sensitivity to azole antifungal agents. The names proposed for these isolates are Pseudozyma alboarmeniaca (DMST 17135T = JCM 12454T = CBS 9961T), Pseudozyma crassa (DMST 17136T = JCM 12455T = CBS 9959T) and Pseudozyma siamensis (DMST 17137T = JCM 12456T [DOUBLE BOND]CBS 9960T), where DMST is Department of Medical Sciences Culture Collection, JCM is Japan Collection of Microorganisms and CBS is Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures.