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mim12120-sm-0001-SupFigS1.docx34KFig. S1. Layout of the oligonucleotide microarray.
mim12120-sm-0002-SupTblS1.docx41KTable S1 Reference strains, chip layout and validation of results
mim12120-sm-0003-SupTblS2.xlsx509KTable S2. Data concerning mean values of the detected spots (mean_sero.xlsx)
mim12120-sm-0004-SupTblS3.xlsx503KTable S3. Data concerning background values of detected spots (background_sero.xlsx)
mim12120-sm-0005-SupTblS4.xlsx535KTable S4. Data concerning calculated signals of detected spots (signal_data_sero.xlsx)

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