Passive immunity with multi-serotype heat-killed Shigellae in neonatal mice


  • The present address of Soumik Barman is Laboratory of Immune Regulation, Graduate School of Medicine and Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology, Immunology Frontier Research Center, Osaka University, Osaka 565-0871, Japan
  • The present address of Yoshifumi Takeda is Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Foundation, 81 Maeda, Mitsuwa, Inawashiro, Yamagun, Fukushima 969-3284, Japan


The short- and long-term passive protective efficacy of a mixture of heat-killed cells of six serogroups/serotypes of Shigella strains (Shigella dysenteriae 1, S. flexneri 2a, S. flexneri 3a, S. flexneri 6, S. boydii 4, and S. sonnei) were studied in neonatal mice. Neonatal mice from immunized dams exhibited significant short- and long-term passive protection against individual challenge by each of the six Shigella strains. High IgG and IgA titers against the lipopolysaccharide from each of the six Shigella strains were observed in sera from immunized dams.