Application of the continuous wavelet transform of gravity and magnetic data to estimate sub-basalt sediment thickness



The Continuous Wavelet Transform was recently proposed for the interpretation of gravity and magnetic potential data. We utilize the Continuous Wavelet Transform of gravity and magnetic data to address one of the most common issues in exploration geophysics: mapping of sub-basaltic sedimentary strata. We observe that the magnetic response of the basaltic layer is dominant in a three-layer case of a basalt-sediment-basement, whereas the gravity signal is dominated by the base of the sediment. Thus the Continuous Wavelet Transform of the magnetic data is related to the thickness of the basalt and the Continuous Wavelet Transform of the gravity data is related mostly to the bottom of the sediment. These observations are demonstrated with a synthetic model and a few field examples. Derived depths using Continuous Wavelet Transform are in good agreement with known vertical cross-sections. Therefore, Continuous Wavelet Transform analysis of both gravity and magnetic data offers a possibility for primary information of sub-basaltic sediment thickness, which can provide a basis for further detailed modelling.