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Text S1. Error term distributions.

Text S2. Examples of questions about individual variation.

Text S3. How to include fixed effects.

Text S4. Including additional random terms.

Text S5. The effects of differences in plasticity on understanding repeatability.

Text S6. Important assumptions of random regression models.

Text S7. Comparing variance components across datasets.

Text S8. Controlling for other labile attributes.

Text S9. Fixed effects that vary within and between individuals.

Text S10. Estimating covariances between reaction norms.

Text S11. Accuracy of correlation estimates.

Text S12. Power to detect between-individual correlations.

Text S13. Accuracy of repeatability estimates.

Text S14. Power to detect repeatability.

Text S15. Causes and consequences of within- and between-individual correlations.

Text S16. Testing hypothesized covariance structures.

Text S17. Do it yourself.

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Data S1. Simulated dataset no. 1 (DataS1.txt).

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Data S2. Simulated dataset no. 2 (DataS2.txt)

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Data S3. Simulated dataset no. 3 (DataS3.txt)

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