jane12041-sup-0001-appendixS1.docWord document44KAppendix S1. Number of replicates used in the adult behaviour assay within each line and experimental temperature treatment on Drosophila simulans.
jane12041-sup-0002-appendixS2.docxWord document18KAppendix S2. Eleven strains of D. simulans mean three (a) warmest and (b) coldest monthly temperatures with the optimum experimental temperature in the lab, for four different measures related to fitness (n = 11). Note: some data are not shown, as some points are hidden behind identical points.
jane12041-sup-0003-appendixS3.docxWord document27KAppendix S3. Eleven strains of D. simulans incubated at six temperatures mean ( ± SE) development time (day of eclosion after egg laying; n = 4). Lines are colour-coded from those with the lowest native temperature (purple) to the highest native temperature (dark red).
jane12041-sup-0004-appendixS4.docxWord document14KAppendix S4. Mean dry mass (µg) of eleven strains of D. simulans following six temperature incubation treatments, separated by sex for three different life stages.

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