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Appendix S1. General characteristics of the seven study sites.

Appendix S2. Site-specific values for environmental variables given by the average of all values for the pixels (1–5) for each variable which fell within the 100% MCP of all roe deer locations within that population's sample (see the manuscript for more details).

Appendix S3. Characteristics concerning roe deer density, predation and hunting for the seven study sites.

Appendix S4. Correlation between the logarithm of the average home range size and the constant or the ad hoc method to estimate the smoothing parameter h, at weekly and monthly scales.

Appendix S5. Temporal variation of average core area size (HR with 50%isopleths) in female roe deer across seven study sites in Europe (see Fig. 1 for site locations) at (a) weekly and (b) monthly scales.

Appendix S6. Correlation matrix between the different environmental variables (see the manuscript for more details) considered across the seven study sites.

Appendix S7. To describe the relationships among all the environmental variables, we performed a normed principal component analysis (PCA) of environmental variables among study sites.

Appendix S8. Timing of the minimum and maximum home range size (HR size) as indicated by the model describing temporal variation in home range size with simple cyclic and symmetrical parametric functions of time at weekly and monthly scales.

Appendix S9. We performed analyses using the mean squared displacement (MSD, see Turchin 1998) of fixes from the point of release for all reintroduced individuals from study sites I:38°N and I:41°N to identify unusual post release explorative behaviours.

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