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Fig. S1. % Cover of Ascidia (filled circles) and Ciona (open circles) in Spud point marina.

Fig. S2. Survival of Ascidia in the presence or absence of Botrylloides.

Fig. S3. Effect of predator removal on % survival of Ascidia recruits in the field.

Fig. S4. Caprellid experiment after 24-h showing % survival of Ascidia larvae, 1-day old settlers and 2-week old settlers (i.e. larva, pre-metamorph, late metamorph respectively).

Fig. S5. Prey-choice experiment after the 24-h mark showing % survivors (pooling numbers of settlers and larvae together) of Ascidia (white bars) and Ciona (black bars).

Table S1. Mixed model anova examining the effect on fertilization success of pre-exposing Ciona eggs to Ascidia sperm.

Table S2. Repeated measures anova examining the effect of the presence of Botrylloides on solitary ascidians.

Table S3. Repeated measures anova examining the effect of predatory exclusion on Ascidia.

Appendix S1. Characteristics of the studied species.

Appendix S2. Settlement methods.

Appendix S3. Spawning methods.

Appendix S4. Fertilization experiment methods.

Appendix S5. Settlement preferences in the absence of other species.

Appendix S6. Results of the experiments conducted with Ascidia.

Appendix S7. Comparing predatory susceptibility of Ascidia and Ciona.

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