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Appendix S1. Modelling of growth in fish, and the Smooth-Joining Two-Phase model

Appendix S2. Variation in fishing effort for Odax pullus across sampling locations

Figure S1. Growth trajectories and size-at-age data of Odax pullus (left hand panel) and Notolabrus fucicola (right hand panel) across New Zealand, showing the difference between using a single re-parameterised Von Bertalanffy Growth Function (rVBGF; continuous line) and using the smooth-joining two-phase model (SJ2P; dashed line) to model growth of the study species.

Figure S2. Size-specific fecundity of reproductively active females Odax pullus, showing a similar relationship between ovary weight and body size in the Hauraki Gulf (continuous line) and Stewart Island (dashed line).

Figure S3. Fishing effort for O. pullus at the three sampling locations.

Table S1. Akaike Weights comparing the goodness-of-fit of the smooth-joining two-phase (SJ2P) model and fitting a single reparameterised von Bertalanffy growth function (rVBGF) to the size-at-age data.

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