jpe12169-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docWord document26KAppendix S1. Additional text on FYM analyses, liming and soil sampling.
jpe12169-sup-0002-FigS1.docWord document32KFig. S1. Modelled relationships between the mean amount of N applied per year (inorganic or FYM) and species richness (total and PI species).
jpe12169-sup-0003-TableS1-S3.docWord document108K

Table S1. Soil chemical properties at experimental sites in 1999.

Table S2. Soil chemical properties in 2010 at the upland meadow.

Table S3. Soil chemical properties in 2010 at the lowland meadow.

jpe12169-sup-0004-TableS4.docWord document66KTable S4. Positive and negative indicator species.
jpe12169-sup-0005-TableS5-S12.docWord document457K

Tables S58. REML statistics for four key variables at the upland meadow 1999–2010.

Tables S912. anova statistics for four key variables at the lowland meadow 1999–2010.

jpe12169-sup-0006-TableS13.docWord document38KTable S13. Weighted Ellenberg fertility scores in 2010.

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