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  1. Landscape disturbance causes small-scale functional homogenization, but limited taxonomic homogenization, in plant communities Volume 99, Issue 5, 1134–1142, Article first published online: 7 June 2011

In the paper by Abadie et al. (2011), the authors reported that they observed functional biotic homogenisation (a decrease in the average specialisation of species) of plant communities, but limited taxonomic homogenisation, associated with landscape fragmentation and, to a lesser extent, habitat turnover. Patterns in average specialisation were attributable to a serious flaw in the way average community specialisation was calculated. When this is corrected, the authors still observe a significant decrease in community specialisation with increasing habitat fragmentation (F1,46 = 6.51, = 0.01), although the effect is much weaker; moreover, the effect of habitat turnover that was previously reported disappears. As a result, the claim that habitat disturbance causes functional homogenisation is much less well supported than initially reported.